When I started my first business, my training wheels had only been off for a few years. A friend told me her bike needed fixing, and by that afternoon I had five bikes lined up in my garage. I assumed I just had to clank some tools around, flip my cap backwards, and the bikes would practically fix themselves. Thankfully, when I realized I was in over my head, my dad became my business partner and helped me finish the job.

I've improved my decision-making skills since this experience, but my core traits remain the same. I’m driven by a pressing need to make an impact. I believe I can learn anything I need to, and I never let a fear of failure stand in my way. Everyone's actions are guided by what matters the most to them, and for me that means making a unique and lasting difference with people and opportunities I'm involved in.

I make a lasting impact as a professional, because I’m a whole-brain marketer:
• Creatively, I have experience in product and brand messaging, writing, and editing.
• Analytically, I have experience in data analysis, ops management, and business development.

writing, data analysis, operational management, brand messaging

Procter & Gamble
product messaging, data analysis, brand messaging

General Motors
product messaging, writing, editing

United Nations Foundation
business development, brand messaging

Library of Congress
business development, operational management

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
writing, editing, operational management


LDS Public Affairs
brand messaging, writing

The Daily Universe