Procter & Gamble


Olympic Sponsorship ROI

From a month before the London Olympic’s Opening Ceremony to a few days after its Closing, I provided seven-days-a-week reporting on P&G’s Olympic sponsorship.

Every media spot that covered an aspect of P&G’s Olympic sponsorship – P&G’s 150 brand ambassadors (such as Michael Phelps for Head & Shoulders), specific P&G brands (such as Head & Shoulders), or the “Thank You, Mom” campaign – was coded according to various weighted performance indicators.

Cision Global Analysts’ algorithm would then assign a value to each news piece based off of my coding. Finally, these values were used to calculate P&G’s branding ROI for their Olympic sponsorship.

I compiled a portion of the ROI analysis, organized by brand and country, for the mid- and end-game report provided to P&G’s Senior Executive team. The end-game report was also part of the deck for P&G’s Board of Directors’ meeting the day after the Closing Ceremony.

Documents redacted to remove all confidential data


Media Monitoring

To take full advantage of real-time marketing opportunities, I compiled daily morning and evening media reports for P&G’s executive team.

The A.M. report (Overnight Olympic News) was used in P&G’s executive morning meeting. It helped keep the team informed on general London news and Olympic happenings. It also enabled the CMO to better prepare for media spots and make real-time adjustments to marketing strategies.

The evening report (Coverage Highlights) exclusively addressed the media coverage of P&G’s Olympic involvement – organized by country. It provided the executive team with a quick glance at how various countries were responding to the company’s Olympic sponsorship. 


It Matters. It’s an odd memory, but that’s often how childhood memories work. I was lying on the ground, eating a bag of Cheetos, when I first heard about a young swimmer named Michael Phelps. I couldn’t believe that a kid not that much older than me was in the Olympics. I finished my bag of Cheetos – fun size, don’t get too carried away with those assumptions – and continued cheering on Phelps for the next four Olympic games. In fact, I had one of the best seats in the world to watch Phelps in his “last Olympics.” Before, during and after the London Olympics, I worked at Procter & Gamble’s headquarters in an Olympic war room. I had the unique experience of working on a floor blocked off exclusively for Olympic tracking. With floor-to-ceiling decorations, 10-plus screens playing various events and a strict red, white and blue candy policy, I felt like I was in London with Team USA during the entire Olympics.