Children's Miracle Network Hospitals



Every minute 62 children enter a Children's Miracle Network Hospital (CMNH) for treatment. CMNH’s purpose is inspiring; it provides comfort and joy to young patients stuck in the adult world of hospitals, x-ray machines, and blood draws.

Each year CMNH selects 51 children (one from each state, as well as the District of Columbia) to be its Champions – patients who embody the hope CMNH aims to provide. 


Account Management


As an Account Director for Bradley PR, I managed the production of the 102 nationally published Champions biographies – short and long version for each of the 51 Champions.


I tasked my 12 writers with summarizing the Champions’ diverse background packets – ranging from 1-40 pages – to carry the same level of detail. Then, acting as the final writer and editor, I rebranded the tone and voice of the bios.

My writers had a dramatic range of experience, so to ensure every writer succeeded and deadlines were met, I assessed each writer’s skill level and provided one-on-one mentoring for their specific needs. The entire team responded well to my rebranding vision and delivered their best work by the due dates.



I took the summarized backgrounds and added a playful voice and narrative theme to each Champion’s bio. Past agencies had written biographies carrying a clinical tone and focused on the details of the Champions’ diseases. CMNH however is focused on the hope and joy it can provide to its young patients. So, I abandoned the clinical tone and instead wrote stories that celebrated the child's heroic strength and unparalleled optimism.

My team and I were continually left in awe as we read about these courageous children. We knew that no four-paragraph write-up could ever do justice to their heroism, but we wanted to get as close to fully honoring them as possible.


It Matters. Once I decided, I never looked back. Being accepted into BYU’s nationally-ranked-top-five PR program was exciting, but the day I decided to dive fully into the program was pivotal. I was 100% confident that the way the program would teach me to problem solve, strategize, communicate, and write was exactly what I needed. I left the college chair’s office, walked down two flights of stairs and into the student-run PR firm, Bradley PR. I walked straight up to the lab manager, a seasoned professional and the only full-time employee in the lab, and told him I wanted to learn everything I could from him and his agency. That’s when I met one of my lifetime mentors, as well as my new home. I’d go to the lab to attend client and team meetings, brainstorm creative side projects with friends, get insights from upperclassmen and eventually share insights as an upperclassman. The Bradley lab was the greatest constant throughout my exciting-but-always-changing college experience. It was a home for me.