During my internship, KSL.com was the number one local news outlet in the country. I wrote 75 articles for the site, covering Brigham Young University’s (BYU) men’s basketball. The team hosts the sixth largest college basketball arena in the US and has one of the most substantial global fan bases of any university in the world.

BYU basketball comes equipped with a fiercely loyal fan base. Regardless of their sports prowess, BYU fans are eager to know how their favorite school is doing. So, I needed to provide pieces that could engage all fans. To do so, I created a narrative theme for each article to make it entertaining and to allow all readers to understand the statistical analysis woven throughout.



Here’s a selection of my articles, organized by various stages of the season: 

Pre-season Teaser

Cougs' new route to basketball victory includes faster speeds, more drivers

Conference Play

BYU: Zylstra, Cougars romp to big win over USF
Back-to-back career-high games for Davies

NCCA Tournament

BYU: Comeback Cougars embrace the madness


Cumulative List

Here’s the majority of the articles I published:


It Matters. Spending my early childhood years in Dallas, Texas, meant that many of my friends could be located in a pool somewhere finding solace from the Texas heat. I, however, could always be found on my family’s unshaded driveway shooting hoops. With a personal coach old enough to drive a car (my brother) I was sure that professional ball was only a few steps away. As I grew, my time spent playing diminished, but my passion for the game has never ceased. To this day, I still have some difficulty sleeping the night before March Madness begins. So, I was ecstatic when I received an internship to cover men’s college basketball. I shared my reporting portfolio when I applied, but none of it was sports related. So when I was asked in my interview if I had any direct sports writing experience, I answered truthfully, “I’m an expert at filling out March Madness brackets.” If you’re passionate about something, you can, and should, write about it.